Wish Upon a Ballet™ is a preschool ballet program that was developed from years of experience working with preschool “ballerinas”.  Through this experience I learned what preschoolers like, what makes them laugh, what makes them want to move and how they learn best. We don’t just “teach” a throw away class and pretend that it is dance.  We actually teach steps, choreography and basic skills to help preschoolers understand what is expected of them in a class setting. We believe that preschoolers learn best through fun and creativity.  Our classes are well rounded and keep students on their toes! This class is appropriate for ages 3-6 and is a great for beginners as well as students who have previously taken dance classes.

This class has also spawned a website, www.wish-upon-a-ballet.com. Wish Upon a Ballet™ the website is for anyone interested in knowing more about ballet! I actually created this site with the parents of my preschool students in mind. However it is great for anyone studying ballet. Students can remind themselves about the steps they are learning in class. Or maybe they would like to read about ballet history, ballet companies and ballet stories. Parents can learn more about what to expect from a ballet class and what they need for their children. Finally teachers can gather fresh ideas about what they are going to teach in their classes and how to teach a great class. The site contains everything from the history of ballet to an online video dictionary! It also lets you know what some of the books, DVDs and CDs are available for children to enjoy. Finally there are also free coloring pages and clip art all about ballet.

Please visit www.wish-upon-a-ballet.com to learn more! For more information about my wish upon a ballet classes please click back to the Classes page.

Through my work with preschool ballet I was encouraged to write a book all about how to teach preschool ballet. I realized that I had much to share with other teachers about the subject. If you are a new dance teacher this book will help you put a class together from start to finish. Everything that you do makes a difference in how your class will run. It does matter how you greet the students and parents, what you do to start your class off and how you finish class. This book focuses on how to keep your students listening through the whole class, having fun and wanting to come back for more!