Class Information

Here you will find all the information about the classes Mayer Arts has to offer as well as notes for classes and other information. Please feel free to contact Gina with any questions!

Proper dance shoes are required for all dance classes. There are many helpful dancewear stores around the Twin Cities such as Step n Stretch and JT Dancewear. Target also sells dancewear however the shoe quality is not the same as a dance brand.

Students can wear either proper dance clothing or comfortable clothes that are easy to move around in. We can wait to see you in class!

Our Classes

Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop

Our dance classes are sure to get your children up and moving! We focus on teaching proper technique without sacrificing fun!

Children will learn dance steps, choreography and warms ups such as isolations, stretching and across the floor exercises. Of course we also add lots of creativity!

Dance classes are great for people of all ages! Dance improves coordination, posture and increases strength and body awareness.

Musical Theater

I love our musical theater classes! Students have the chance to be their favorite characters and help write a show together as a class.

Students will also learn how to put on a professional show from start to finish. Mayer Arts teaches proper stage terminology while making sure students have the chance to give plenty of their own input to stretch their creative minds!

Wish Upon a Balletâ„¢

Our preschool ballet classes are the perfect start for a young dancer.

Using creativity and props we build a complete class based on a new story each session. Students learn ballet through story telling and of course fun!

We believe preschool students can learn ballet however it needs to be taught in a fun and creative way. This way students are excited to learn every time they come to class!

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