We will always remember 2020 and this will year will definitely go down in history. I first would like to say that I miss all my students and I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

Today would have been my dance recital with Burnsville Community Education. We have so many wonderful students some that have been taking dance for years and other who just started. I will miss seeing how they would have progressed this year. I love watching my students at their end of the year performances whether they are on stage or not. Mayer Arts would have had so many performances this spring all of which were canceled. I all I can do to keep my spirits up is to look forward to next year. I am confident that next year will be great!

As someone whose main goal is to bring joy to children through the performing arts I am always hopeful for the future. I believe having a positive outlook and hope is a necessity for any teacher. We are giving tools to our students so they can improve and move toward a goal that will hopfully benefit their lives. We can’t teach someone to move toward a goal without hope.

Mayer Arts classes have all been online this spring. I am greatful to all the community ed and parks and rec programs I work with who have helped me continue to teach through this time. As we are looking at this summer most of my communities are still wondering what to do going forward. Some of my programs will still be online and others are looking at a modified in person format.

My nextdoor neighbor has two boys who love to sing and dance and she asked if I would teach a musical theater camp in her backyard. We recruted my two kids and a couple others from the neighborhood and I started my first in person camp yesterday. I think we were all wondering how this would go but it was amazing! The kids had so many creative ideas and positive energy I couldn’t keep up at times! It filled us all with joy! My now 4th grade son who is not into performing (however he is very creative) was surprised at how much fun he had. I told him I have been teaching for a very long time and I am very good at reaching kids no matter what their interests are. We are having the best time!

As we all slowly start to come out of our houses and back into the world I know most of us will do so with caution. We all do need to keep each other safe but I know my kids and their friends miss each other so much. I hope that when we are all able to move about again we remember to appreciate each other a bit moreand take that extra step to care for one another.  Our children are precious gifts that need to be nurtured. I already felt like the performing arts can do so much for children. Now I feel proof of that even more!