The Best Summer Ever!

The Best Summer Ever!

Wow! I can’t believe we are in the month of August already! What a fun summer it has been! This summer Mayer Arts had more camps and classes than we ever have and had the pleasure of meeting more students than ever before! I am so thankful for so many people that make this program possible and I wanted to express that.

First of all I am so thankful for all our students who worked so hard to put on such amazing performances! They have so many great ideas to put into their shows. All the students help write stories, choreograph dances and create artwork to bring their show to life and make it their own! Their enthusiasm and their gifts make each week so special.

I also appreciate the parents and guardians who support their children and our program to make it flourish. It is so wonderful to see all the parents on show days with huge smiles on their faces cheering their children on. Those of you who know me well know how much I think the performing arts benefit children. Allowing children to explore their strengths in a performing arts class and create is priceless.

Of course my teachers who bring their love of the performing arts to all the students is also something that I am very thankful for! All of my instructors have backgrounds in the performing arts and love sharing that with students. They all share with me fun stories and moments from their camps and classes about how great the students are. They always are thinking of new fun ways to engage each student and make sure that everyone is having the best time.

Mayer Arts does not have a permanent home. We operate out of community centers all over the Twin Cities. Each program that I work with also has such a wonderful commitment to their community. The care they put into making sure we have what we need to make our time with them a success shows so much. It is evident how strong our schools and cities are here in the Twin Cities and how much they care about their families.

Putting together fun, engaging camps and classes for children takes much thought and careful planning. I am already starting to think and plan for next summer! I care very deeply about Mayer Arts, what it stands for and what it has become. I feel so thankful that I have such amazing people who also care deeply because performing arts classes make such a difference in the life of a child!

Now on to fall!!!…….



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