New! Mayer Arts Studio!

New! Mayer Arts Studio!

I have always had a dream of having my own dance space in my home. Now that dream is officially a reality!

Those of you who know my program know that I am not interested in having a typical dance studio. I love reaching out to more of the Twin Cities community through the parks and rec and community ed programs. We are so lucky to live in an area that is eager for great enrichment programs and truly want them to succeed. It is wonderful to have the resources that allow me to teach the classes I want in the way I want to teach them. With the support of cities and schools I can have classes that are not only high quality but are also affordable for local families.

The down side of that for me is that I don’t really have a space of my own where I can explore and move. Dance means so much to me and often I need somewhere to go to jump around. I literally need to “dance like no one is watching”! It is a part of who I am. For years it was in my kitchen while I cooked dinner trying not to knock over pots and pans while I practice my arabesques and pirouettes.

The performing arts have always been a passion of mine. That led me to pursue dance, voice and theater when I was young. Eventually I received a BFA in theater and a minor in dance. For over 20 years I have had the pleasure of working with all ages whether it is in class or on the stage when I choreograph or direct a show. I love to watch my students grow and see their faces light up when they overcome a challenge.

It is not only my love of dance that inspires me but also my passion for fitness. Dance is an art and a way to express ourselves but it is also a great way to keep our bodies strong. When I teach I make sure my students learn their steps and also learn how to carry themselves. We train the whole body so that it moves freely and efficiently. That way we are prepared for whatever physical challenges come our way. It is so important to me that my students understand how much they are capable of.

I will continue to build all my locations whether it is in Woodbury, Blaine, Minnetonka or Burnsville. I have a deep commitment to each location and their success. Now I have a space to work with students one on one or students who want an alternative schedule or lesson plan. So often I have parents ask where they can go after their children have grown out of my program if they don’t want to move on to a studio. Now there is a place!

So come dance with me this summer! I have some weekday times still available. I would love to see you!

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